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In italian Ricordare  means remember and it originally comes from the latin word Re-cordis; where RE means to go through/pass from/come back again and CORDIS means heart. Literally to go through the heart...again and again.

Essentially for me photography can be summed up with this little huge word. Re-cordis.

My shots are about what I feel in my heart when I see what I have in front of me, they are about what I feel on my skin. When I look through my lens I put all those emotions in one click just passing through my heart again. Recordis

Not just memories.This it is what I wish to leave with anyone who believes in my photography. A beautiful passage through their hearts, through their smiles and their memories again, again and again.

My name is Giulia , an Italian photographer living in Sydney and traveling all around the world.

My big passions are travelling, music, flowers and good food - as you would expect from an Italian.

I love the scent of developed films, my grandmother's garden, the sound of boiling coffee, handwritten letters, the smell of rain and all the little details that made a story big.

I'm inspired by people's stories and by places on earth. I could spend hours listening to someone telling me about their stories and adventures.

My style is very candid and natural, no posed and structured pictures, no flash.

It's more about the flow and the connection in between me the people and the place. It's about the beauty that I see everywhere, it's about the light that makes the moment.


I love to create unique portraits with sophisticated details, images that create true memories. When shooting with me you can always count on having a good laugh too.

I am a firm believer that everything starts with a human connection, everything starts with empathy and I will always try to understand the feelings and needs of the person on the other side of the lens.


If you want to contact me for any question just drop me an e-mail. I would love to meet you and listen to your stories.


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